The emotional trend for present day body ornament began thousands of years ago when a successful hunter pushed a sharp bone through his nose.  This painfully crude ornament may attract a potential mate.  How or what initiated the first use of ornamental Gold must remain a mystery.  The golden artifacts found in ancient graves are usually sand castings of religious icons.  Body piercing of the human extremities has never lost its popularity.   Bone and claw amulets adorned the idolized Chiefs and Medicine men.   Animal leather, with the fur intact, was crafted into arm bands and sandals.  Fish vertebra, which when dried is hollow, inspired the first rings and bracelets.  Bone bracelets bound captured slaves.  "To the Victor go the Spoils".    

Burial rosettes of drilled bone and colored shells helps to date ancient shell middens.  

History bugs have trouble dating the origination of Gold adornments.  Pretty pebbles mounted in horns or bone undoubtedly came before metal attachments. 

Purpose and function followed burial masks depicting the immortal 'cravings and etchings' of Human Gods.  Tribal chiefs along with holy Pharaoh believed eternal life would be granted with mummification and encasement in a gemstone embellished golden Sarcophagi.  

 Whether the earliest wall paintings were simple historic recordings or the 'state of the Art' is another mystery.  Seldom do ancient temples or burial sites contain a reference to a 'commoner' being adorned with Gold jewelry. 

 With the discovery of FIRE came the majestic skill of melting shinny gold nuggets then pouring the molten metal into sand impressions.  Sand casting, though highly refined, continues today.  Centuries of trial and error eventually produced the beautiful lost-wax castings of today's Goldsmith.  

 Into this emotional world of glittering gems and precious metals anxious lovers look for an everlasting symbol of devotion. 

 The choices are unlimited!      

02.jpg (502205 bytes)  - This handcrafted TAA setting holds a 13 carat rough diamond cast in Highlands..  The flowing gold enhances the natural diamond.  

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